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Auction News/Forms 2017

Our annual community builder celebration is Saturday, March 11 from 6-8pm at Oddfellows Hall, 415 Second Street in downtown Davis.  This low-key event will, as usual, include some wine tasting, appetizers, plus a silent and small live auction.

Boosters annually raise between $15,000 and $30,000 at the auction/community builder event. This money helps pay for new technology and supplies at both the junior and senior high schools and underwrites student clubs, other great events like Feast and graduations as well as food and materials for grade level presentation nights at both schools. This event is truly the foundation of our annual Booster budget, so it is important that everyone participate! Our expenses for the community builder are incredibly low—typically $700-$800, so we can make money for our school while celebrating our community, and socializing with other parents and teachers.

We are looking for volunteers to help set up the event from 4-5:30 pm, to clean up the event from 8-9pm and a few calm individuals to help with check-in and check-out and check-in, check-out preparation prior to the event. In coming weeks, we will ask for finger food donations via sign up genius, so watch for that and watch for ticket sales, which will begin mid-February.

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At this years Community Builder/Fundraiser we will be featuring 6 different items that our beloved Da Vinci Staff has identified that would aid them in various ways in their classrooms.  We know how much our community appreciates our staff and the style of learning that we have at Da Vinci. If you would like to donate to anyone of these items please click on the yellow donate button.  Or drop a check off at one of the DV offices. Please specify in the memo line which item you are donating towards. ANY amount is appreciated. Our goal is to get ALL of these items 100% funded. Help us reach our goal!  Now check them out!

Da Vinci Fund-an-Item List

Thank you!
The Da Vinci Boosters


Here is an advanced preview of all the items up for bid on SATURDAY at Oddfellows from 6-8pm. Come to the 2017 Community Builder benefitting both the junior and senior high schools, raise money for DaVinci, enjoy wine and appetizers, network with other parents and teachers and CELEBRATE DAVINCI!

Auction Package List With Values

(Starting bids will be one half to two-thirds stated value)

Live Auction

L-1 Handmade Cutting Board ($250)

L-2 Brooks Painting Painter for a Day ($500)

L-3 On Your Way )Suitcase plus $250 Southwest) Travel ($310)

L-4 Hallmark Inn Stay (includes drinks and breakfast) $200

L-5 Andrea Weiss  Career Assessment ($500)

L-6 Complete Estate Planning, courtesy of  Estate Planning Attorney Jennie Bretschneider ($2,500)

L-7 Junior High Humanities Staff Murder Mystery Dinner for 10  adults ($400)

L-8 Magnum of Switchback 2012 plus other wines ($200)

Silent Auction

S-1 Old Chevy Earrings($38)

S-2 Vintage necklace earring combo $65

S-3 Artist Alex Dao Bowl $80

S-4 Artist Jill Van Zanten Plate ($40)

S-5 Artisan Feather River Leather Wallet ($85)

S-6 Artist Marti Schoen hanging ceramic tile ($75)

S-7 A Paint and Sip sign up for 12 ($25)

S-7 B Margarita Sign Up for 20 ($25)

S-8 Linde Lee Tea Room Certificate ($80)

S-9 Scott’s Seafood ($75)

S-10 Cache Creek Buffet ($60)

S-11 DeVere’s Card ($50)

S-12 Trader Joe’s groceries ($40)

S-13 Moscow Mule Basket ($100)

S-1 Margarita Basket ($75)

S-15 Ice Cream Basket ($100)

S-16 Osteria Fasulo Gift Cert ($100)

S-17 Wine accessories basket from ACE ($100)

S-18 Blue Growler ($40)

S-19 and S-20 Two separate hours of college counseling (each $100) from Debbie Austin

S-21Allow Me: Personal Concierge Services ($100)

S-22Premire Chropractic Package (includes Pilates, Barre an Hydro Massae ($215)

S-23 European Wax Basket ($60)

S-24 Kai Fit Month Pass for Woodland ($175)

2-25 Signor Salon Go Big package, includes $50 in hair products, an hour  massage and Facial and brow wax. Value: $175

S-26 Fine Arts Museums of SF Pass for 4 ($90)

S-27 Davis Music Fest for two ($80)

S-28 Davis Paintball for 4 ($160)

S-29  Mucca Pazza at Mondavi for 2 ($90)

S-30 Golfland/Sunsplash Roseville Passes ($68)

S-31 River City Rowing Club Summer Lessons or kids or adults ($150)

S-32 Sacramento Rivercats ($100)

S-33 Woodland Opera House tix Mulan ($50)

S-34 Woodland Opera House tix Guys & Dolls ($50)

S-35Teal Bend Golf in Sacramento ($268)

S-36 Sonoma Raceway ($90)

S-37 DMTC season tickets  ($360)

S-38 Rocknasium passes for 2 ($64)

S-39  FairTrade Basket

S-40 Basket of Beeswax candles from Bee Happy ($100)

S-41 Handmade apron/bag and potholder: ($55)

S-42 Outdoor candles and wine sign ($50)

S-43 Costco($50) and Big 5 ($50)=$100

S-44 3rd St. Jeweler Certificate ($100)

S-45 Davis Media Access of Graduation ’17 Video  ($30)

S-46  Davis Media Access of Graduation ’17 Video  ($30)

S-47 Sweet Afternoon by Artist Seana Burke ($150)

S-48 Summer Cooler Fun ($60)

Drawing for Raffle Prize: $600 worth of Southwest Travel (8pm, need not be present to win) 


Questions? Jill Kasapligil 530 979-0248 or

2017 Da Vinci Donor Form