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Auction Resources


2021 Auction

Thanks to the participation of the Da Vinci community and auction organizers, Shyla and Kurt Steen, we had a successful online auction – helping fund extra counseling, teacher grants and signature projects. We hope to return to an in-person event and auction in 2022 – otherwise we will host an online auction. Let us know if you would like to help organize by emailing 

2019 Auction

This year’s Da Vinci Boosters auction was a huge success!  Collectively we earned $23,000.  See below for examples of how this money helps enhance our student’s learning experience at Da Vinci.

Thank you for supporting Da Vinci!

2018 Auction

I cannot express how incredibly thankful I am to our entire Da Vinci community for your full support of the Fundraiser/Auction last year. Together we raised over $25,000! This includes the extra $1500 that was generously donated by many families AFTER the event. The money that we have raised for the Boosters goes directly to OUR students and staff. As you are all fully aware, Da Vinci offers a very unique learning experience and the staff is so appreciative of many ways that the Booster Club is able to support the unique and special DV curriculum.

Our Fund an Item campaign successfully funded ALL requests! 1) $1000 Video equipment for the High School. 2.) $2000 for 20 Graphing Calculators for the High School math department. 3) $600 for large maps for the Junior High History and Geography classes, and 4). $300 for GeoModel Math shapes for the Junior High Math department. All above items will be purchased this month! Thank you to everyone who specifically supported these projects. Once again, the staff is incredibly appreciative of the DV community support.

A reminder as to some of what the Da Vinci Booster Club fundraising efforts helped to support last year:

Junior High Campus:

  • $1.000 Leadership class/outreach throughout the school
  • $1,000 PE equipment and supplies, music support, robotics supplies
  • $2,200 9th grade field trip subsidy
  • $750 Signature event support (provide a pizza dinner on the night of events)
  • $750  Staff Hospitality
  • $500 Facility rental for the Feast
  • $800 Snatoms (a molecule model kit used in Science classroom)

High School Campus:

  • $1,000  1929 Night
  • $1,000  Dragon’s Den/ Hail to the Chief
  • $250  Letters to Leaders
  • $500  WW1 Night
  • $500  Evening Art Classes
  • $1,000  Catalina Island Trip subsidy
  • $750  Citrus Circuit Robotics Club
  • $500 Facility rental for the Feast
  • $250 Art supplies for leadership
  • $250 Trivia Night
  • $1,000 Leadership class

***Please note, these are just some of the highlights of Boosters dollars at work!

Again, the above list is just part of what was funded last year! The entire Da Vinci staff are constantly sharing how appreciative they are of the unwavering support of our parent community.

Again a sincere thanks for all of your support, whether you were able to donate monetarily or support us at the event. Everything was appreciated.